[Work around] Does GDevelop do Bitwise operators?

Does GDevelop have the AND, OR, XOR and NOT (or a subset of them) available? I’ve searched but can’t find anything.

Or do I have to implement that bit of functionality in a block of JavaScript?

AND, OR, and NOT are all available. I don’t think XOR is available.

They’re all listed under “Advanced functions”, and should show up when you’re searching for AND, OR, or NOT.


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They’re the logical operators, unfortunately. I after bitwise operators, so something that’ll take 11 & 7 to give 3.

I’ve managed to come up with a solution using a short piece of JavaScript:

Note, FirstNumber, SecondNumber and Result are all scene variables.

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That makes more sense. I think the only operator I know of that works is the & symbol when building a string. Someone who knows the expressions more than me may be able to chime in.