Would it be possible to load audio from a URL?

This is a little similar to my previous post, but I think this asks a better question. Would it be possible to edit code from the “Load images from a URL” extension to allow me to upload an audio file from a URL? I’ve never used javascript before so I need your help on this! I’ve looked through the code from the extension and I think it would be possible, I just don’t know enough to do it for myself. If theres anyone at all that might be able to help, I would appreciate it!

(the extension in question)

Originally, my extension could also do it for audio, but it uses internal variables of the engine which is prone to breaking. I still plan to eventually add support for other resources types, but that’ll require making changes to GDevelop’s source code to add a clean & stable way to do this.

Sorry for the late reply. I don’t mean to be a bother but is there by chance a link to an early build with audio loading functionality? Would it even be possible to import into the current version of GDevelop? If not, that’s alright. I appreciate you taking the time to respond anyway.