wrong behavior of ball at "Breakout" example

Hi. iam making modifications to “Breakout” example. When i change the size or the sprite of the ball when it hits with the barrier it bounces incorrectly (even though the hitbox is good) its like the ball stick at the barrier and then it bounces super randomly. Also it happens the same when i change the barrier’s sprite. Somebody made modifications at this and happened the same? Thank you for your time :slight_smile:.

Check the collision events, it uses two or three times the so-called “magic numbers”, constants that you don’t know what they mean, for example:

Ball.Height() + 2

What the 2 mean?, maybe it’s related to the ball size, changing the ball size breaks this expression, you’ll have to investigate how the collision is handled :frowning:

Great, thank you for your answer my friend ! i will keep investigating what its about :slight_smile: