Wrong path file for resource files

Hi, today have opened one of my projects and have noticed that isn’t working correcly.

The problem is that on preview some sprites are missing because the names are different from the originals but in the temp folder they are copied correctly.

I show you the console in preview:

As you can see in the console, can’t find the files zone_plant-1.png and cursor.png but their correct name are zone_plant.png and cursor_0.png and they are present in the editor with the correct names and in their folder.
I’ve checked my local temp folder where Gdevelop put the preview files and the files name are correct like in the editor so why Gdevelop try to find them with a wrong name?
It’s a bug? and if not how I can solve?

I’ve tried to reload them but happen the same thing.

I’m on Windows 8 Pro 64bit and using the last Gdevelop 5 Beta 95

Tru this open Resourcces then Remove all unused images, audio, fonts and path, save as the project, close the project, and reopen, play preview and press f12 or open developer console, go to Application and clear cache close preview, save as close the project.

Hope this helps.

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Absolutely! It’s worked like a charm and learned for the next time :+1:

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