X() and Y() Position

How do I get my character to constantly fall , and go forward (increase X position) and go up (increase Y position) on click? I set his behavior to physics, and I’m pretty much lost at this point. I’m a bit of a noob at GDevelop.

You don’t need the physics behavior only to move an object.

You can either move the object forward and make it fall by using the movement events and angle of the object. To move forward you can make it move toward angle 0 and to fall you can move the object toward angle 90 .
You can also increase the X and Y position of the object to move. Checkout my examples for movement and position change at gametemplates.itch.io
The examples are for GD5 but the events are the same and it may going to open in GD4 I have never tried actually.

To make it fall constantly, the only thing you need to do is use the Always condition or don’t use any condition at all so the action to move the object toward angle or to increase it Y position is going to be triggered every single frame.