Xbox360 Controller Setup Things

I´m not so familiar to setup xbox360 controls in GDevelop, so I scream for help!
So in game, Player character can run left and right and look and shoot up at the same time. How to achieve that?

I have tried many things and always result is the same: You can run left and right but when you press up, player stops etc.
There is no problem when playing with keyboard.
If you’ve played my game Tundmatu with Xbox360 Controller, you know the problem.

Thank you for your time to help!


Hi Jubeliuksen3!
I´m not so familiar to setup controller too, but its work if i press pad and left stick together. Left stick do only left and right move, nothing happened when i press up or down. I try x360ce but dont fix that. Maybe its my controller, or is that only 4 axis what is the problem. Maybe its need more variable to work pad or get stick to working properly. Is anybody solve that?. Try but for example controller trigger button to move action? If left trigger press and player is flipped left move player left etc…Thank you for your game and examples. i try more when i have time…

I think I have tried everything similar like you say. I think we need to know what axis is the upper left and right corners. It does not work when I put events like: press up and left at the same time.
I have tried many compinations whit those Axis, but maybe I haven’t tried the right one :smiley:

Thanks Topias132!

If someone know c++ and code something like:
xbox360 (or any controller that is plugged to your pc) controller buttons are equal to chosen keyboard buttons. example xbox 360 “X” button is equal to keyboard “ctrl” or button “A” is Keyboard “space” etc. I don´t know if that would fix the problem but if that does fix it, it should be the easiest way. If that is not going to work I think I should go and making it happen using variables… And that is what I don´t wanna do right now :laughing:

Maybe if you don’t assign the up button to anything related to the platfom object. Like, up does not mean anything for the platform object. Up can mean aim up on the other hand.

This is a simplyfied version of what I’m using

And this can be helpful

Not really, there is nothing new for me :smiley:
I have to check the events someday, there should be something wrong that I have been missing.
I just wondered that there are some axis that I don’t know between x and y. ( I’ve been trying when axis x and y is pressed).my events must be the answer :smiling_imp:

But thanks!