Yarn Dialogue Issue -

My issue
My dialogue is not switching to the selected node after the initial dialogue quest is started.

What is the expected result
When the player presses Spacebar it starts the game and the first dialogue message. Then, when that first dialogue is finished, the player should be able to click the next object and begin a new dialogue message.

What is the actual result
Instead, it seems that the first dialogue message does not disappear or end, and when clicking a new object to start a new dialogue message, nothing happens. My debug doesn’t even show that the player even clicked on a new dialogue prompt.

Related screenshots
(I’m new to the forum, so I don’t have permission to upload multiple images just yet in one post…)
My screenshots show my event sheets/code and yarn nodes

So, just a shot in the dark here, but when you start the dialog, are you wanting it to start when all three conditions are met or if one of them is met? Maybe an AND or an OR qualifier would help to indicate that these conditions have been satisfied to enact the starting of the dialog, and then conclude it. I have also had trouble using the “Trigger once” directly with a key press and add it as a sub-event so that if the key press occurs again, it will still enact the command, just not repeatedly. In fact, I would probably just trigger a boolean or variable switch instead of the Trigger once, only because in my mind it seems to fit with the natural progression of a dialog. So I don’t know if that will help you at all, but it might be a place to start working from …

Thanks for the reply! I played around with the triggers, but nothing seems to work. I know that I’m canceling out my own code somehow, but I might just scratch it and start over and go slower with my logic…

I’m not sure you can click on particles :confused: Try with a standard object, to confirm if your events are okay.

Yeah, I just realized that after I went back to it :sweat_smile:. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the main problem, so I’m back at square one. I’ll send an update sometime this week for help again.