YARN-does not go after selection-SOLVED

Good afternoon, I’ll immediately notice that I looked at the source code with the dialog tree, the lessons too. The most basic transition does not work after selecting an option. WORKS only if you send it to a specific branch of the dialog with your own hands after selecting it.

I checked the syntax of the Yarn document, removed spaces, extras, etc., indicated from previous branches with a similar problem.

Where do you display the next branch after an option has been picked?
dialog line is text → change text of D to LineText

Also, why did you write text below the options?

I’m not clear on what you want to do, but your options event looks unusual to me. During dialogue, the player will pick one option from a list and be taken to just one node - the start of a new branch - as a result. All of that can happen in the same text box. Typically, you tell GDevelop how you want your options interactions to look and work. Then, whenever GDevelop encounters options during dialogue, it will use those settings every time. I have mine set up like this:

(my example uses a custom pointer, so please ignore the ‘Change position of…’ actions. Put any standard character between the “” in DialogueTree::VerticalOptionsList(“”) and that will work as a pointer instead e.g. “>”)

As Gruk asked, why is there text after the options in your Yarn dialogue? The player won’t see it because they will be taken to the No or Yes node. They will never get to ‘Question 2’ unless you put it in your Yes or No node.

I made a tutorial series on Yarn basics earlier in the year. Search ‘worriedpixels’ on YouTube. The first video is about creating a dialogue system from scratch for complete beginner. It covers options too.

Correct me if I’m wrong. But shouldn’t the transition to the branch- Yes or No and the output to the text field D after the choice of the option not go to? In the example that comes with the engine, there are no events to display an additional dialog tree after selecting answer options. Of course, if I add the name of the Dialog branch after selecting the option, then everything will work. But this is 90 percent handmade, then this yarn is useless.


Ignore it, the text after selecting the options was just a test to see if it was actually displayed at all. Transition events not working. And to answer your question - if you separate the options into separate text fields, they do not stop working.

I don’t quite understand your reply, so I’ll expand on the two things I mentioned above.

1 - This is in the example project and missing in yours:

(remove the “Clipped” if you don’t want any scrolling)

2- Yarn is capricious. If you do unconventional things (like adding text after options), it may react unexpectedly and/or crash (the game still runs, but not the dialog features).

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Does not work. And if you leave only the answer options, it does not work either. Thanks for the help.
Heck. Everything worked as it should, only added to the selection event - “Run 1 time”, apparently the yarn instead of choosing the option (0-1) equated it with the value - “option + 1” with each touch. Capricious oh capricious thing.

If you spread options to different text objects, it is better to use both option selection and confirmation in 1 event, this is guaranteed to work.


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