Yarn editor - wait command between custom commands

Hi. I’m using the build in dialogue tree editor and I’ve got a problem with << wait >> command.

Looking at the offical documentation:

So wait can be used to insert pauses between a chain of custom commands too

So I created two custom commands and placed a wait between them like so:

Doing it like so makes these custom commands run simultaneously, not respecting the wait command beside them or probably firing off the wait command after firing these custom commands. Is this normal behavior and the documentation is not precise or its only on my side?

I’m asking because the wait command works well in conjunction with characters like dots and other letters.
string1<<wait 4000>>string2
works as intended(outputs string2 after 4 seconds)

On the other hand
string1<<custom_command_1>><<custom_command_2>><<wait 4000>>
works differently. First, it loads and renders the string, then it waits 4 seconds and then it runs custom commands simultaneously.

My yarn rendering implementation is pretty much the same as in the documentation. Sadly, the project example from documentation is pretty basic and I don’t see the commands-wait chaining in there.

I haven’t played with yarn in a while, but I think I had experienced the same issue and had to work around it. :confused:

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I see. I quess it should be passed to the devs then.

@blurymind Can you confirm if wait applies to commands or text scroll only? Wiki is not clear on that.

Yes wait is specifically just to halt the text scrolling between words. It does not affect any other gampelay mechanics.

You can however set up your own yarn wait command that can do more than that and create an actual timer

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