Yarn Options are not showing

Hi, I’m here with another problem and question.
I made a test yarn dialogue and tried to get the options and text to work. the dialogue texts work flawlessly but whenever it reaches the options, suddenly the option text goes empty. I have both text instances in the game window. but the options will not show.
does anyone know where did I make a mistake?

Did you figure it out?
I don’t remember it all, but Yarn is quite strict, you need to make sure there are no empty lines, for instance.
The best option is usually to open the example project (“Dialogue tree”) and compare it with what you did.
Feel free to share your dummy project for further help.

Honestly, I didn’t find the answer and I got cold feet because, not only did I have the same problem in a new project, but also after 4 weeks, no one tried to help or answer, this makes me question the community and the engine itself…

Too bad.
On a side note, we have a Discord server for live help.