Yet another dumb question

I have four sprites for a character and would like to have each sprit load for its appropriate direction,

when I press the direction keys… so when I press left the LEFT sprite should load and when let go the CENTER sprite should load and when I press RIGHT the right sprite should load… Can anyone help me with this? Thanks…

Just set each sprite a separate direction, the for you when “x” key is pressed include Animation = the one you want (using animation no. Or name).

sorry, could you explain that again?

Hi eboy if you have your character moving you should have the events for key press if so you just assign the correct animation for each event.

When you load the sprites do each direction as a different animation for you character. You can label them or they are assigned numbers from 0 up.

If you have used a behaviour such as top down movement you may not have the key press event as they are not needed for movement.

You can simply add these as new conditions to handle the animations (directional sprites) by using key pressed conduit (you can select the key for each direction). Feel free to ask if you need more help.

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Thanks! One more dumb question… I am making an Atari 2600 Adventure style game… how can I pick up an object and drop an object when running into an object…just like picking up and dropping a sword in Atari 2600 adventure

I would have a bool on character for picked up ball.

When picked up ball true position ball.x,ball.y = I would create a point on sprite for like player.pointX(hold).

Or alternatively if picked up ball = true make a different set of sprites. With that you just add another condition to the key pressed - which would be picked up ball false and true to make sure right sprite shows.

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