Okay so I am creating this game(Not really, am using the tutorial project from the Gdevelop website).
What I want to do is to expand the game.

As you can see, the game ends right there and is not that long.
Another thing I want to add is that I want to add an health system. Whenever the player hits the ground, he loses a health point. When all health points are over, the player dies.
Any clues as to how could I do this?
I am pretty new so one on one support could help.

I’m pretty new too so the support I can provide is very limited, but my game has something like that with the health and falls, and it’s working.

To make the player take damage when s/he falls, I created:

  1. Global variables for player health, for each level
  2. An object called “bottom” as a tiled sprite, which uses the same image/texture as my wall object

Now in the events editor:

Add a collision condition to the “bottom” object…

On the events, add something like:

You can find that under Variables > Modify the value of a global variable, but you have to create them first under project settings in order to specify the variable.
Replace “1” with however much damage you want to take off, mine is different on each level

And if you want to return them to a specific location (if not dead yet), also add the event to change the position of an object:
Do = X; = Y to the position of the player

I handle the health via an external events sheets in my game because there is a lot that can affect it from level to level. I think you have to set up your variables for the health before it can be set up to kill the player, but if you’ve done it for the falls, then you can use that to add the conditions and events for it. How is your health system being set up? What do you want to happen with the player dies? Delete the player, respawn, or…?

Hey, I’ve read your post and will try to implement this. However, if I am not able to do it, will you be able to help me via a remote connection? And I want the player to respawn.

Hi, unfortunately I’m not able to help via a remote connection, sorry. :frowning: Again, I’m new here too and still learning how to use GDevelop myself. While there are some things working in my game, there are other things that I need to work on as well to make it operate more smoothly. For example, I’m trying to add the ability to respawn also and Lizard-13 just told me how to do that in this thread. But I haven’t got it working yet and it’s going to take some time to set it up for all my levels, plus there are a few more features I’d like to add.

Hopefully someone who is more knowledgeable can give more guidance.