Z-orders problem

hello guys, need a help with objects and theirs z-orders

why does the health bar under one tree work properly, i.e. it is above it, but not with other trees or stones? even though all trees and stones are in one object group?

Hello @Marrkke,

It’s becasue you set the z-order of the health bar to 200 and the objects’ z-orders to their Y position. So it will only be above the objects that have Y position less than 200.

If you want the health bar to always be above the objects, set it’s z-order to a very high number like 99999 or put it on another layer above the layer that has the objects.


I did as you recommended, I deleted the incorrect z-orders and assigned a z-order with the value “99999999” to the health bar and everything works. Thank you friend! @insein :slight_smile:

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