Z-sort based on Y position?

First off i just want to say that this engine is amazing, I was able to do in less than a day what it took me weeks to figure out in Unity!

I'm just confused about Z sorting? I'm trying to make an isometric game where you can move in front of and behind props, people, etc, and all the proper things overlap. It works on tiny sprites but not bigger ones? The big ones always end up behind where they should.

Literally all I'm doing is setting the Z-sort to the Y axis of whichever object. Is there a better way to go about it? Thanks in advance!!

Ha, I just realized you can edit the ‘origin’ point. This fixed it!


please teach me. i wanna make Knight lore´ish game

You can edit the points as per wiki. Note that you can click and drag the cross hairs, or edit the values directly.