Zelda/Metroid/Castlevania/Megaman camera scroll and Player Jump Height (no default controller)

#1 So as the title states how would I implement the scrolling feature with the player still doing current animation for example if performing a dash it would still play it but in slow motion and then the speed would resume after the transition. #2 question also I cannot figure out how to implement a jump height. For example if I press the jump key (w) once the object doesn’t keep bouncing like a rubber ball every-time it hits the floor. I tried using variables to accomplish this but the object does a bunny hop and won’t go higher or sustain the jump… HELP!!!

#1 - can you eloborate? What goes in slow motion - the player or the camera?
#2 - use a “Trigger once while true” in the conditions of the event that check if the jump key is pressed.

Meaning take for example in Mega Man when the player gets to the edge of the screen and Mega Man is doing a current action like running the camera scrolls to the next room but Mega Man still continues running but in place and when the camera finishes transitioning Mega Man finishes animation.

The jumping part now… I tried “trigger once” but it still jumps even after holding down the key…

There’s a few ways to do this. I’d recommend looking at the “Top Down Adventure Camera” example. It pauses the scene (which freezes all animations), moves the camera, then unpauses the scene.