Zombie Horde! Help!

Hey! I’m making a top-down horror esc game, my main problem here is to make a zombie horde behave… properly…
I am using the pathfinding behavior as this is pretty essential for my game design. The zombies have to navigate through rooms while charging the player.
No matter what I seem to do I can’t stop the zombies stacking or forming a line.

I have tried changing collision-masks, separating, and adding forces but it doesn’t seem to work.
Using the boids behavior also seems to be a bust. As only doing boids makes the whole navigating part horrible. Also tried having the zombies act with boids and having them follow an object with the pathfinding behavior towards the player, this has given me maybe the most accurate result, but will quickly fall apart.

Any recommendations, help, and guidance will make me a very happy aspiring indie-dev

Not a solution, but here’s a current thread posted 14 hours before yours with the same issue, and some discussion.

What Ive done before is give the zombies a variable when they are created. Lets say you give them a variable with a random number.
Based on these numbers you can define the method of chasing the player.

When variable number = 1 let the zombie walk to the player center position
When variable number = 2 let the zombie walk to the player position plus lets say 50 on the x axis, this will make sure the zombie keeps chasing the player but has a different path
Variable 3 is another slightly different path, since you are using pathfinding, you could define a different route
Variable 4 could be a faster or slower speed of chasing the player
Then when the zombie has a certain distance to the player, make sure they will all have the same behavior

For me this had some good results when avoiding stacking of enemies like you mentioned before

hi @Mirquiso,
sorry for my intrusion but I’m going crazy to find a solution to this problem.
then when the player moves away from the enemies how do you handle this? randomized the variables again? you could share your event so we can study it