Zoom event sheet

Hi all, I don’t know if I’m posting in the right section but here goes.

I would really appreciate some sort of Zoom feature on the event sheet screen. Maybe the ability to scale the fonts or something, not sure. Is this something that can be controlled with a theme, maybe?


Not sure if themes can do that.
I know you can right-click on your desktop, go to the display properties and choose a general zoom setting.

Thanks for the reply!

Though I don’t think that’s a real solution, it does help for now. It would just be really great for usability / accessibility reasons. And even just for people with tired eyes, staring at the event sheets for a few hours at a time. It wouldn’t be necessary to scale the entire UI, but just the event sheet screens would do. Would make it easier to read / see what you’re doing.

I think there are functional reasons why there can’t be a scroll-to-zoom on the event sheet.

However, I do think it is possible to skin the engine with larger fonts.

Assuming my read of the theme stuff on Github isn’t incorrect, maybe there should be variations of all themes with larger fonts for the event sheet? Like DarkTheme-Bigfont or something.

Perhaps not a scroll-to-zoom, but maybe right-clicking on empty space in the event sheet to have an option for zooming in or out. Or a button at the top somewhere? Just a suggestion for how it could potentially work.

I’d also happily accept a “Big font” for event sheet versions of themes.

Sadly, I think any “partial/large zoom” would require a large refactor, but I’m not a dev. If it’s possible I think it’s worthwhile, but otherwise I wonder if a theme with larger fonts is a workaround.

I just wanted to thank you guys for enabling zooming in/out on event sheets with one of the latest updates!

I almost didn’t even catch that line, it was one of many great updates. Sincerely, thanks so much. It really helps my blind eyes. It’s a great usability feature. Thanks for always looking out for your community.


A wrong key is shown there.
And maybe we can add “Zoom 100% Ctrl + 0” to get to the original zoom level.

I’m glad it was crucially useful to someone!
Do not hesitate to request other feature that may help you work with GDevelop!

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Hi @jack!
Are you talking about the equal sign? It may be due to the fact that the plus sign is above the equal sign on the keyboard.
Is it working anyway for you?
Regarding the “Back to 100%” feature, I may be wrong but it doesn’t seem that important, although I like it on Chrome to be able to go back to 100% so that it “feels right”.
If anyone else think it is crucial, we can see to implement that.

e.g. at the QWERTZ layout it is not the same button.

That was my thought. Also on Office, Photoshop, other code IDEs, …

Ho I didn’t know about this layout!
Does it work with the Strg + = ? Or Strg + Shift + 0 ?

No. With “Strg + +”
Just replace the displayed = symbol in the context menu with +, should work for everyone.

I’d like that it would be that simple ! :slight_smile:
The screenshot you took is from the desktop or the web version?

Desktop. The Web version does not shows shortcuts in the menus. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the precision, I didn’t know that, I have been on the team only recently.
It seems this issue is on Electron’s side that wraps the app into a native application. You can see more in Electron’s github issue.

We rely on an old version of Electron, we will be updating this version in the future and it should solve that issue.