Zoom for the sprite object viewer

The Sprite Object viewer needs a zoom Feature as looking at a 100 pixel item to put a collision mask on it is a nightmare.
Will the Collision Mask effect the shadow effect. you could have a slider for zoom distance next to the help and review buttons .

hopefully this can be added :slight_smile:
Dave G

Cant delete this post as i have edited the one above with adding this image to it.

David, please do not post 2 messages, edit your first message instead.

Yes I agree that it would be cool, but you can also double click on a point in the list to manually enter its position. :slight_smile:

Did not think i could upload an image on an edit a post (its not a linked image).

Would adding the coordinates manually mean you had to know the position for the polygon point in the first place. I know myself that would mean getting some other software to find that out and switching between software to get the data to input manually is not that user friendly.
I know many users would not do that. I would not

Well, I unfortunately have to do just that. I have my sprite/tileset opened in GraphicsGale in one window and in GD as well. It is not very convenient and it breaks flow harsh.

Plus, it’s not like I can edit vertices past first one #fixthatbloodyeditionproblem.

I would be a bit of a shame if its left without a zoom. i would say for user friendliness it does seriously need a zoom feature on that part.
looking up the program GraphicsGale :slight_smile:
But really wish i would not need to use a 3rd party software aswell just to get the job done