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Hello community,

I’m very new to GDevelop and trying to build my first game.

I’m thinking of building my game to scale 256×192 to save on file size. Is it possible to then scale it up to say 800x600 but keep the graphics crisp?


Easiest way to find out would be to just make a quick sprite and background put them in and check. If you like the look, go for it with the full game, if not, then you can skip doing it that way.

If you want it to look like vintage low-rez games, there is a setting That I think maintains that look rather than anti-aliasing it. Go to game settings, properties:

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To be clear, the answer to your question is “not really”. The reason being that 256 does not scale evenly into 800, and 192 does not scale evenly into 600. Even if you have it resize width/height (and have black bars either horizontally or vertically) since the resolution isn’t an integer scale (2x, 3x, 4x, etc), it will still not be ‘crisp’ as you describe it.

You have a few options:

  1. Change your base resolution to something that can properly scale into 800x600 on at least one axis. as an example, 256x200 will scale to 768x600, and while you’ll have bars on the left and right (to fill the gap from 768 to 800), it will be an integer scale (3x) and so the graphics will remain as exact as they can be (unless you’re using pixel fonts and are not using Bitmap Text objects).
  2. Change your game to resize entirely (“Update resolution” checkbox in properties). This is generally not preferred, as it’ll mean as resolutions get higher, the player will see more of the playfield, but the objects will appear smaller.
  3. Create assets for every resolution and swap them out when the next resolution threshold is met. This is VERY time intensive and almost never done, but it is possible.
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