Zooming out within the level boundaries

Hello everyone.
I’m new to Gdelevoped and wanted to try it out. I don’t really have anything big planned, but I already have a few problems with the basics. First of all, what I’m up to.

I want to create a little hidden object game in the style of “100 hidden cats”. You have a drawn background and then you look for cats on it, for example.
With the help of examples, I have already managed to get in and out with the mouse wheel. And I can move in all directions by holding down the middle mouse button when zoomed in. I’ve also managed to make sure that you can’t move any further like at level caps in X and Y.

Now to my problem. When I’ve zoomed in and move to the level limit, the camera stops. So far so good. But when I zoom out again, the areas outside the level become visible. However, when zooming out, the outer edge of the level should remain at the edge of the screen

I hope it’s understandable what I mean.

Best regards, Saltidave

I’ve got it done now. I’ll share the code, maybe it will help someone else.
For zooming I used the “Camera Zoom Extension”.

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