2 active tabs - side by side

Requesting feature: 2 active tabs that are displayed side by side.
Will be very helpful for copy-paste objects between scene also copy-paste event, review interaction between scene event and external event/ other scene event by comparing it side by side.


Hello pqrs,
There is a similar topic on tabs here Colored Tabs for Easier Navigation (One for Scene tabs, one for Events tabs).
I don’t know if they are similar/close to what you were requesting.
You might want to comment/add your experience on that topic?

Its different, what I suggest is two active tabs that can be opened simultaneously.
Like this:

The opened tabs can be either scene/events/external event/external layout.
And also maybe its a good idea to give different color for scene/events/external event/external layout tabs.

And if you don’t mind me asking… why (and which tabs) do you need to have 2 open simultaneously side by side?
What kind of work are you doing when you spotted the need to see 2 things on the same screen?

Sorry for the late reply.
So I have 2 external events that kinda similar but there is some parts that is different, so I used a completed and working external event as reference for my other new external events sometimes I doing it slowly by copied small chunk of events blocks or sometimes just the whole event group. The problem is when editing the copied events sometimes things don’t work so I need to switch to the (original external event tab that is working) and compare the change that I did (that doesn’t work) with the original one that works.
The structure is mostly the same but the events detail is different.

Some of the events:

So, let me know if I understand your process on this example:

  • You copy some events from the external events A
  • You paste those events on external event B
  • Sometimes, the result of external events B won’t work as you want them to, so you have to go back to events A to see where the mistake is.

Is that correct?

Another question: when this happens: are you working on your game on your own, or using someone else’s work (a game template, events made by a game dev on your team…) as reference?

Yep, and in the external event B I modified the copied events and sometimes it didn’t work so I need to see the original event(external event A).
I work alone.