3D Camera split view


In order to improve the 3D UI, how about at least having a 4 split viewports, like in many 3D softwares ?

3 splits for orthographic directions : Front, Side and Top and one for a Free move perspective camera ?

And you can toggle this display in the top bar like for the grid ?

It could really help to shape 3D games.


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Thank you for your topic.

I do see that you made a specific request, but scope wise it largely depends on the general “3D navigation” topic (which will become the topic of reference when the core team makes the list of tasks that the 1st version of the feature should accomplish).

So, would you please like original post on 3D navigation in the editor, and add your contribution regarding the specific tasks you’d like to accomplish with a 3D view?

By doing this, It can increase the workflow, improve visualization, increase productivity, positive user feedback.