3D navigation in the editor

GDevelop is not the best for 3D, mostly because there is no 3D navigation in the editor, just like in a 3D program. It would be nice to be able to activate some kind of 3D view when in the editor, that allows us to move around in the scene in 3D, as well as adding arrows to move objects, with the blue, green and red arrow of 3D.


Yeah if I were making a game, I would just make my own map maker (separate game basically) then save the file as a JSON or something with all the info gathered from the map, but idk how to find the saved files or even make them stay in the project folders even when exported.

I also want to ask for a 3D navigation in the editor. Are there any plans supporting full 3D viewport of editor like in Godot etc?

Currently its really a pain for our students, when we want to teach them 3D game development with GDevelop. It is very hard and demotivating that they can only see their 3D models from the top :frowning:

They are very disappointed calling GDevelop a “3D Game Engine” - because there is not even a real 3D Editor…

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Yes I wish this be existed in the next update