[Done on 5.1.165] Add 3D viewport in editor mode

This topic has been marked as done. If you’re looking for a feature to navigate 3D scene space, please head to 3D navigation in the editor.

Hey there! I really like the editor as it is right now, but I think in order to have better distribution for 3D games, a 3D view is necessary. This would allow for accurate positioning of models or actions like rotating them at angles which are not possible in a 2D view.

As an example, you could use the viewport of Blender or another game engine like Godot.

Additionally, it would be great if you could add basic transformations (the green, blue, and red arrows), like moving along the x, y and z axes, rotating, or scaling.


The 3D editor has today been integrated into the software’s code base.
It will be available in a future version 5.1.165.


Wow, this a huge step! Thanks for all the hard work,

I’ve using GD for more than a decade and I cannot believe we’re finally getting here.

As soon as GD is able to play 3D object animations the popularity of the engine will rise a lot.

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That is on the works too, but there is no date for this feature for the moment. It’s being in a good way.
The first results are promising and fun to use.
While we remember 1month ago everything was just 2D^^!


Can’t believe this is being integrated. My dream of developing 3D games may actually come true here!

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Are we gonna get 3d hit boxes too?


Also ability to move the pivot point or add custom points

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For 3d objects? Yeah

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Any ETA on the new update? Can’t wait to see it.


Was just curious as to why this has been marked as done as it clearly has not been. Being able to view flat preview images in the 2D editor is not the same as a fully manipulatable 3D viewport. Is this still being worked on?


Yep, the editor is still not 3d editor. You cant scroll around, only can look from the top


I agree with you. I hope the developers will consider our request for 3d navigation. The discussion will be continued here: 3D navigation in the editor

How we now in 5.3b you write in 5.1 what are say man