Camera editer 3d

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To make gdevelop is Very wonderful game ingen

Make the editer came rotating in z.x and y axis
To make the view of 3d modules better and make edit easier than now


Hello @Boy.developer
Are you requesting this: 3D navigation in the editor ?

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He is not me. I have one account

I know. :slight_smile:
I am asking because according to the Welcome to the User Feedback channel! message, we have a rule that asks forum participants to search if the Feature they’re requesting exists already. If that is the case, then, vote for the already existing feature (to give it more importance) rather than creating a new one.

That is why I am asking if you’re suggesting a 3D navigation in the editor - if that’s the case, please comment and like that topic instead. It has 6 votes already, so it is better to push that topic instead -.


Ok but already gived it like to pushed it
Please if gdevelop developers can make
It please make it in the next update

Perhaps it is better to make multiple posts and vote for all of them, to bring up more attention?

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It wouldn’t help to make more topics. We centralise information on a single topic, so it’s more efficient to gather existent comments and feedback (rather that collecting it from more than 2 different topics).

As explained on the Welcome to the User Feedback channel!, y’all can add feedback and comments to existing topics.

New topics with duplicated content will be closed and archived.
So, I am doing that with this topic: I will close it, and send people to the 1st post (which is yours) 3D navigation in the editor. :slight_smile: