3D for gdevelop

3D for gdevelop I want this bc it will take more players in you can make an online shooter or something
then it will be the best update you know users are moving on to 3D instead of 2D when you get a 2D game it will get boring but 3D could make some pretty cool games like horror games and like Fortnite Minecraft and then also people will use gdevelop more it will also be cool if you can add VR support or something then think about an gdevelop loading scene in VR! it could be a hub or something I will like to see that then you can also make 2D games in 3D that will give that good feel if you can make the music stop stopping when switching scene I will be more than happy! also, do so you can use Paint.Net for gdevelop so you can use Piskel for pixel Art and paint.net for realistic art ok anyway just take 3D in that’s all!


Please use the search before posting a new feature request.

Short answer: This is not something that will be officially added anytime soon, if ever.

Long answer: At this time, GDevelop is a 2D focused engine and the contributors are working on making it can best it can be for 2D.

3D is not a goal for the engine, nor is it on the roadmap, so it is mot likely something that will ever be added.

There are some external efforts where people added pseudo 3D using a ton of math and drawing manually, or via manually modifying the javaacript to bring in external extensions that also require a lot of math. Those are not going to be added to the engine proper, but you are welcome to seek them out and try to reproduce them.

If you are looking for a no-code engine that has a focus on 3D, I recommend checking out copper cube.

As far as other image editors, you are not required to use piskel, you can already make images in whatever tool you want and import them. Paint.net is made in C#, GD5 is primarily made in javascript, so it is not possible to include it.

As there are a bunch of existing threads that talk about 3D already, I will be closing this out.