Will 3D be added to GDevelop? [Short answer: No, this is not a planned feature]

Is there a chance of a 3D Gdevelop version?. I mean, they have already asked fo it.
But I think there’s a posibility, because i’ve seen 3D projects in pico-8 (wich is for 2D projects), and Scratch (also 2D, altough for this one I couldn’t find the project that I was looking for, I think it was a 3D minecraft thing
). So I was wondering, Is there a way we can “replicate” this?.

This has been asked a few times, please don’t repost questions already answered.

Short version: No, not likely.

Long version:
From the official FAQ on the discord:

GDevelop is a 2D-centric engine, we strive to provide a fast and easy to use engine for everyone.
3D is a totally different world, there are many things to do in 2D, exploring another world is not planned.
If you’re looking for a 3d game engine here’s a list: List of game engines - Wikipedia

Answer given in previous threads:

At this time, GDevelop is a 2D focused engine and the contributors are working on making it can best it can be for 2D.

3D is not a goal for the engine, nor is it on the roadmap, so it is mot likely something that will ever be added.

There are some external efforts where people added pseudo 3D using a ton of math and drawing manually, or via manually modifying the javaacript to bring in external extensions that also require a lot of math. Those are not going to be added to the engine proper, but you are welcome to seek them out and try to reproduce them.

If you are looking for a no-code engine that has a focus on 3D, I recommend checking out copper cube.

Some previous threads with other alternatives:

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