Ability to "parent" object to another

So we can achieve moving platforms and stuff like that easier.

Child of an object would move and rotate relative to its “parent”. If you move/rotate “parent”, “child” will move/rotate as well. While I don’t have relevant example from 2D game design software, Unity’s and Craftstudio’s parenting features are relevant.

I also realize that I can achieve that by playing with object’s rotation/position, but it is clumsy and potentially buggy. I don’t know whether or not it will be easy to implement (depends largely how GD’s codebase is written), it’s just something I’d like to see in future release.

Sounds not to hard to be created with 2 objects groups, 2 events and two sub events: :slight_smile:
ParentChildEngine.zip (25.5 KB)

Hi 4ian.
The child object also need to follow the position of the parent object not only the rotation of it.And the collision can’t be a requirement of parenting.So if the parent object is moving,the child object also moving no matter what are the circumstances.

I have uploaded an example of parenting I made in GameEditor an other great tool but it development is stoped and many features are missing but it has parenting :slight_smile:
docs.google.com/file/d/0B1sXiYO … sp=sharing

You can move the parent and child object by press and hold left mouse button,but if you move the parent the child also moving no matter where is the child relating to parent.I also wanted to add rotation but rotation is one of the missing features of GE :smiley:
But if it could rotating , the child also would follow the rotation of parent as in your example.

Something similar could be very useful in GD.

Yes, that already the case! :slight_smile:
Just move the parent and the child will be put at the specified point ( called “Child” ) on the parent.

It should really be enough for most usage :slight_smile:

Yes indeed but in your example as you say the position of the child is “specified” no matter where is the child in the scene, it going to move to that specified point.It enough in most cases,but it demand more work to do.
Let say I want more child to be parented to the same object,I need to set many points for different child positions and maybe more variation of child objects also needed depends on the position, rotaion ,scale

Never know what a crazy idea we going to have :smiling_imp:

So,it can be more convenient if we can just set parenting between objects with a simple action event (object 1 parent to object 2),and we can just drop objects in the scene as usual and the child object keep it position relative to parent no matter where is it on the scene,as in my GE example :wink:

Can you give some example scenarios? It seems like GD can already do everything that is required for parent/child in all cases.

Yes it can,thanks to 4ian and GD flexible event system,but require more work than in other tools that has parenting system.
For example in GameEditor,extremely easy to parent 2 objects anyway you want.
Download my GE example I linked above and run the .exe,even if you can remake that in GD,take that in GE it was take 2 seconds to make it thanks to it built-in parenting system.

Of course it is possible. There are no impossible things, there is only lack of skills.

This and other suggestions of mine are more for making things easier.

Everything is possible, some things are just harder than other.