Acts like it clicks when I don't.


Right now I don’t have anything posted online that I can show but wondering if others have had the problem of the game doing something that was only suppose to happen when left mouse button was released. All my keyword searches came up with nothing…

I have it so when you click on a sprite it takes you to the next scene. My problem is when I run my mouse all around the object it very often takes me to the next scene even though no Left mouse release click occurred. It most often happens on sprites that are located near the edge if that makes any difference.

My events look something like this:
the cursor touch is on object
left mouse button was released
SubEvent: Javascript play video code
Action: Change for scene “Level2”

Not sure if it matter but above that I also have:
the cursor touch is on object
Action: Do = 1 to current animation object
the cursor touch in off object
Action: Do = 0 to current animation object

Any help or Ideas would be appreciated! I’ll publish it somewhere later if nobody has any idea.


Something like that?

Thanks! There wasn’t any real good solutions though, I guess I need to just clip my images.

Well, I think your objects is overlapping scene window and left mouse button was released when cursor is outside the scene window. Maybe try trigger at once conditions in your events if that is not your problem?

I don’t think it is outside the camera, and it still does it. Take a look at this video. I never click on the girl but it still moves me to the next scene. Let me know what you think. Thanks!!!

It’s so close to the edge of the screen so it’s very hard to say (I still think same what I said earlier) :smiley: Move that object to the center of the scene and try, will that “bug” happen again?

Hmm if I move it to the center it probably will not, but I can’t make the game with all clickable objects in the center of the screen… I’ll let you know if I figure something out!


But maybe you just move the objects little bit further from the edge :slight_smile: About those events: Why don’t you do it like: when cursor touch the object and clicked mouse button it move to the next scene? Or is this game for mobile?