Add an option to disable "Automatic Collision Mask detector"

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Since the collision mask automatic detection feature was added to GDevelop 5, any new images I inserted to the Sprite’s animation window messes up the collision points.

The automatic collision itself is not the problem. It’s great for new users and for adding simple pxel art assets. It’s the fact the we cannot even disable it.

It would be great if we can have somekind of checkbox in the Settings somewhere to disable this.

Thank you.

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Hello @pentolGoreng
Thank you for your topic request.
Could you please explain how adding new animation frames modify the automatic collision mask, and why is not of your linking? That would help me understand what is that you don’t find practical and we could think of a way to resolve that friction.

As for disabling automatic collision masks; have you tried to delete it (with the bin on the upper right of the pre-made collision mask)? It should give you a “boring” big rectange, and by clicking “Add collision mask” you will be able to make your own custom mask.

OR even better: you can start modifying the automatic collision mask directly and your changes will overwrite the automatic mask to make it custom:

Could you please give it a try and let me know if it works?