Add Microtransaction or add tutorial of how to add them externally?

Im a new developer my game is almost complete but I don’t know about sdk or making JS scripts, I just want to add micro transaction feature without coding.

It is very important as an indie developer because most revenue of an game on play store comes from microtransaction

So I know its very hard to make a built in payment system in Gdevelop so at least add official tutorial of how to add by yourself and how to add its rewards in game?

Feel free to read this page: Add Microtransactions

already did, but Im saying how to add them yourself, there should be tutorial by gdevelop

It is not a native function of the engine, therefore there is not a tutorial made by the GDevelop project contributors.

That said, it is on the trello board, so you’re welcome to vote it up if it interests you: