Add the plus and minus buttons to parameters in the new editor

Note: a new instance property panel is now live. Some things had been changed and enhanced: the old “up/down” buttons have been replaced by “up/down” keyboard arrows. You can learn all about it here: Scene Editor - GDevelop documentation

I liked the plus and minus buttons for each parameter in the old editor to make quick adjustments on the fly. At least I think they existed. :upside_down_face: If not, I would like to request them either way!


Hello Morgan,
Could you try:

  • “up” and “down” arrows on your keyboard when you have the input selected
  • hover the input tag, and click and drag horizontally
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Thank you. Figured out the up and down keys. Now I miss the “original size” checkbox that would allow you to switch between the original size and a modified one.

You will notice that inside the input field, there is an icon on the right (usually a rounded arrow) that resets the instance to the original size of the object. :slight_smile:

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Thanks again - got it!

Hello :), the use of the buttons was also useful to me, the use of the keys, up and down the keyboard, is not the same or better.

In my case, I previously used those buttons (+ and -) a lot when placing an object and modifying the (z order).

Now, this process is slower, because you must first click on the space where the number goes, and then use the up or down key. Doing this with multiple objects makes work slower and was more useful before in my opinion, especially when working with many overlapping instances.

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Hello hello!
Thank you all for your messages.
We were expecting some change friction when modifying the interactions on these kind of component. It usually takes a certain number of repetitions for the brain to get used to new patterns. It seems like perceiving as uncomfortable/not efficient is quite standard when the brain has to get used to something new…

However, I am now wondering about other possible situations regarding accessibility.
Could you please share how is your working area disposition currently?:

  • Are you working on desktop?
  • If yes, do you have the traditional mouse and keyboard or do you have a different distribution?
  • Do you have a medical or physical impediment that prevents you to keep the second hand off the keyboard arrows?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hello, in my case I have no impediments and I have a traditional keyboard and mouse.

I mean, I usually use a lot of overlay objects and when I place an instance, sometimes I need to place it on the map and then click the (+ y -) buttons to increase or decrease a number in the (z order). this with several instances individually. This way I could do it faster before.

Now I have to go with the mouse to where I have to put the number and press the arrow on the keyboard. That is, there are more steps to follow and that makes the work slower.


The same for me. Trad keyboard and trackball. Maybe I would suggest keeping the plus and minus visible AND having the key shortcut. Thank you!

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