Adding SVG support

HI, I really want SVG support in gdevelop as it removes the issue of resizing quality issues. As most of my games, I have spend hours designing and making. But, after getting it into GD or resize it a bit, It just blurs out and I am having to make different versions of the object. This might be not the big problem for pixel games, But, the same can’t be said for other types of games. It is being supported by many image editors now. And it gives the game a bit more clarity and depth. This also helps the game support for many more screen sizes. I don’t know how hard it is to add or if it is the best for performance. I don’t know if this have been disccussed and axed and haven’t seen many request on the forum


I’m pretty sure that’s already on the roadmap. It would be a pretty neat addition indeed.

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Ya, I saw that it was in the trello board after I posted. Any idea when it’s comming

If it gets really upvoted a lot and a contributor feels up to it. I am very busy lately and aren’t on my computer/home often so I can’t really help rn sorry.

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This, this would be awesome to see.