Admob,High Score, Save Game

I’m new in this forum.
Not much English, I translated with the translator, not if I will understand well.
I have doubts about adding Admob, save the highest score and save the game.

I begin with Admob:
I have created the object of advertising only in a scene from the menu, I have put down everything, I have not enlarged. I left it as it was in a box.
I have understood that in the properties; id banner in android, I put the banner code that gives me the admob website.
I have cleared the test, the other 2 boxes since the activadas.He have the option bottom of the screen.
I have exported to Intel XDK and I have added this plugin:
I think we should not do anything else.
I also know because I Admob appears in every scene, if I just put in the scene menu.

-Highest score:
I want to put the highest score and the last score that just got in the game over scene.
In my game I have created a scene for the menu, one for the game and another scene that puts game over.
Whenever highest maximum score, replaced by the new one.
Is to be created two variables, one for each score, but not as events storage work.

-Save The game, when the game is closed:
This I want to do the same as before. That every time the score is exceeded Replace it and when the game is close in the mobile and reopen follow the score appearing.

I found another person who published the code to know how it works about the score, but do not understand.

I don’t know much abut admob I have never used it.

For High Score and Save Game I have created an example for you, it might be easier then trying to explain step by step:
What you see in the example is:

In the main scene, I check if the player is clicked on New Game or Load Game and store the result inside a global variable and go the next scene.

In the next scene (scene1) At the beginning, I set the high score to be 0 and check if previously the player clicked load game by checking the value of the global variable. If load game is pressed, and information to load exists, I load the X,Y position of each character and apply it and load the high score as well.

When you press Save, the X,Y position of each character get saved and the value of the high score. It should work in native Windows and Linux game, also in HTML5 and also on mobile in case you wrap an HTML5 game in to a mobile app.
I’m not sure if it works in case you export native mobile app.

When loading and saving the X,Y position of the characters, very important the ID variable I have created for each character in the object properties and each character is part of the character group. This way, as you can see, I can easily go through every single character and save / load value for each using their ID variable.

If you have any question, feel free to ask, but in case you don’t understand any of it, I suggest to spend a bit more time with GDevelop before trying to do something like this.


I’ve tried, but can not get me out.
I copied your example and I have modified to give you an idea of what I want to do.

This is what I want to do:
-The Game has an infinite loop.
-In The scene scene1, the score is never saved.
-The Score scene1, always show it when you killed in the gameover scene.
-Save always the highest record in the game over scene.
If the recent score is not higher than the record, not replace the record of the scene game over.

The game, simply save the highest record in the game over scene.
No need to save the position of the characters.
I want to do with just one button on the menu, as I show in the example.
And save button, that will be saved when changing scene.


I think you misunderstand. I have shared the example to give you an idea and get you started in case you don’t even know where to start.
I’m sorry but I don’t have time to give you a complete solution to you very problem.
Maybe someone else got time to help you with that.