Allineare i numeri verso destra

I would need to align the numbers on the right side, as they are written normally. I use the “Text” objects whose text is modified according to the score (which varies from 0 to 1999) how can I do so that they are aligned to the unit? If I place the object “Text” at a certain coordinate (x, y) the text is written (rightly) from there to the right, instead a it would be necessary to write it to the left (in order to have the units aligned).

normally, it does this to me.
I tried to have the number of characters in the string (len) checked and multiplied by the pixels to be added to position X, but the result is not satisfactory because not all characters have the same length in pixels.
Has anyone faced this situation before?


It looks like you can change the alignment in event actions .


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I’ve seen that function before, but it only works if the string is made up of multiple lines. My string I only have one line (only the number to write)

Ahh, it right aligns to the longest line. Where as you’d like it to align to the box.

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thanks for the information. I’ll do a test and tell you

seen only now that it was already mentioned in this discussion. For the moderators, if they can kindly delete this thread because there is another similar more advanced thread. Thanks