Allow object collisions while using parallax layers

Hello, like other users, I am encountering a significant issue with parallax: objects on different layers cannot collide because their position appears to be different from what it seems.

It’s a common problem that everyone has solved by eliminating parallax (making the games much less professional). Here is a list of some users who have encountered this issue:

The solution is simple: a checkbox in the “advanced options” of the sprite, where it asks to use the collision of what is seen on screen and not the real mathematical coordinates.

This problem concerns not only platformers but also puzzle games and visual novels (as in my case).


It’s a good idea. I’m wondering that since it’s tied to collisions a better place for a toggle might be the collision condition or maybe a separate condition. That way you’d still have the option to ignore collisions between layers (out of sync cameras) if needed. You also wouldn’t need to change the setting for every object. Especially since the setting screen is different for each object type.

I think it would be easier to modify 1 condition instead of all of the object types.

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It seems to me a great idea. I had thought of a command called Overlap, similar to Collision, but that specifically ignores parallax. However, I fear it would take more time to implement.

These are users who have the same problem. I am looking for others to find a temporary solution in the meantime.

Same problem here:

And here:

As for my problem, I have six layers with different parallax and zoom. Calculating the impacts is really very difficult. :pensive:

Then I make a consideration: if instead of collisions, touch is used on an object, this works regardless of the camera. Isn’t that contradictory? I should have different coordinates on each layer where the tap happens :thinking: