Animations of transitions between animatios?How to do it?

Hello guys, does anyone know how to put a transition animation between two animations that would be IDLE and RUN, but without this transition animation looping along with the RUN animation? I found a post on how to do it and it worked, but the problem is that the other animations such as the jump and fall are in conflict, I mean, if the character is going forward while jumping, he is trembling, and even when jumping only vertically when falling he keeps the jump animation when he is already on the ground .
I tried for an inverted jump condition changing the animation to IDLE, but then the character no longer does the RUN animation when moving forward, getting stuck also in IDLE and shaking

I use Platformer behavior

Here the post a mention [Solved] How to transition between Idle and Walk animation? - #3 by Dorsz

Here my events:

It sounds like you could do with a FSM (Finite State Machine) for your animations. Essentially this is a variable that keeps track of what animation state the player should be in, and only events for that state are executed. It may be that you repeat some events, but it stops the events from tripping over each other. Something along the lines of the following :

Collapsed events:

Expanded events :

So when the player is in a jump state, it only does jump related actions, including checking that it’s landed


Thanks MrMen,i don’t know anything about variables, but I’ll try.