Any one know how to do like this popup message (same message show in his curser))

Hi, it is really not clear what exactly you want (who is he and which curser do you mean?). A few sentences that describe your problem and a screenshot of your events to demonstrate what you did so far will get you most of the time a solution to your problem.

If you mean to show a box with text when you hover over a tile then this could possibly help you (although it is just a description): [Solved] How to show text when hovering over an image?

i send some video there have example what I say …

this video have example. i wont to do like that popup message health and timer set and plant by plant that pop message wont to show

Did you already try to implement something and how far did you get? Do you have any events to share?

As always there are different ways how to do that. I would try to figure out how to show a box (sprite) when you hover over a tile. The box needs to have a textobject attached and sprites or shape painter objects for displaying the bars. Each tile needs to have an object timer and you can display the value of the timer as a progress bar. Additionally you need to have variables that represent the state of each tile and which help you to display the right text with the text object.

An example for making a progress/health bar is here: GDevelop 5. Another method for doing this with a shape painter in extremely cool ways is here: How To Make A Game with GDevelop - UI Hacks (E08) - YouTube