Artist Friendly Sprites and Spritesheet Cutting

I’m a pixel artist and user of GDevelop for years now, but I’m always bummed that GD doesn’t have a clean way within the engine to import a full sprite sheet - whether that’s tiles or character animations - and then auto or manually cut the sheet into usable parts. I have a background in doing this in Unity with a lot of success. I produce work that’s on other marketplaces that would have an audience here, but the amount of hours I’d have to spend to take my 60 animations in 4 directions in 30 skin tones and turn them all into single PNGs every frame is daunting to say the least. If GD had a way to imnportant a sheet and allow users to slice them as they need, then I’d love to use my own work in the engine and even try to sell things on the asset shop.

I just feel this is such a deterrent for me to really commit more of my assets to projects because it would just be so demanding of my already limited time. I’m aware of the Piskel route but that isn’t ideal. I have packaged assets on clean sheets already set to go. Sucks I have to cut my 100+ platforming tiles into individual PNGs in order to use them.

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I think I saw that one of Piskel’s import options is spritesheet

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Thank you.

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