Auto-tiling in GDevelop

Hi, how can I make an auto-tiling system for my game. Here is what I mean by auto-tiling: How To Use Auto Tiling in Unity 2020 - YouTube

There is nothing else to say other than that I am make a top-down game. So, thanks for helping

Please check this here Add Tilemaps to my game

Thanks. But, what I want is it to resize or update when the game is running.

You can check out erdos forestful project to get some inspiration

Otherwise you can give each tile all possible animations and set them dynamically by checking it’s neighbours

Yes, I tried to do it like that. But, I could not figure out how to check the neighbouring objects.

I will also check the thread you gave me


Create checker boxes around the tile and give them them all the needed information of the tile.
Then you have 2 different objects and can compare.