Banner test ads not loading - How long does it take for admob ad display to activate?

I created my admob account yesterday, I added in all the information correctly, I double checked.

I compiled the app locally (using cordova) and the banner doesn’t load. I got paranoid and thought that maybe there’s some compilation error so I used GDevelop build services (created an account), the banner still doesn’t load.

Does it take days before you can even see test ads?

Yes I have added the “App ID” (it was simple to copy and paste it)
Same thing with the “Android banner ID”, but maybe my implementation was incorrect.

Would there be an error if you initialize those three lines, one after the other, in the same event at the beginning of the scene? (the three lines in the “Ad Management” group event).

Can ads only be activated after the “beginning” phase?

I’m not seeing any errors, so I can only assume that my ability to even display test ads has not been activated on my account yet.

Yes, I did follow the instructions on this page:

My admob account has been approved, but the banner just never loads, even though I have test mode set to be active.

At this point I don’t know what to do, if the solution is to wait I’ll wait, maybe I should email admob services, idk.

Hello, if I’m not mistaken, it only works in mobile exports, and it lasts more or less 2 days to show ads for the first time, but I’m not so sure, that happened to me but I don’t know about others

I thought my post made it clear that I was talking about testing the actual app on my phone (mobile export), I know it doesn’t load in the preview.

Today is the 2nd day, hopefully you are right and it works tomorrow. The last time I tried to do this with another game it didn’t take this long. In fact I remember seeing test ads the next day.

It’s just really annoying to me that google was immediately able to take my $25 to create a playstore developer account, but I can’t immediately test the ads of their admob service.

I have some other questions here, maybe you could help me in the thread below:

This should be the final thread, after this I’ll just be releasing the game no matter what and hope for the best.

Ah I understand, if you created it recently I think they have to verify it to be able to show ads and after verifying it it lasts at least 2 days to show ads for the first time