How Do I Solve This Admob Banner Issue?

This was the thread I made recently:

Through testing I have discovered some things. Maybe someone can help be fix this issue or let me know if it doesn’t actually make a difference for “real ads” and it’s only like this for “test ads”:

[1.] I have a Samsung A70, I tested it on a friends Samsung A20 and the ads show up in landscape orientation (and portrait). But the ads don’t “overlay” on the game, the game screen get’s resized to be slightly smaller in order to fit both the banner ad and the game.

Is this just a quirk of the test ads or will this “problem” persist even when using real ads? (my game resolution is 1920x1080).

Why aren’t the ads functioning like an “overlay” like I can see in this video (where it covers the graphics in the game)?

[2.] The only time the test ads show on my phone (the Samsung A70) is when I change the device orientation (in game properties) to be Portrait, before creating the APK (it’s supposed to be landscape). Only then can I see the ad because the game is no longer taking up the whole screen (in landscape mode) and there’s a huge grey gap at the top and bottom of the screen.

So it seems like the ads have always been showing, but for some reason the “size adjustment” process that takes place on the Samsung A20 doesn’t take place on my Samsung A70, so I just never see the ad even though it’s being displayed.

[3.] Should I disable test mode and start the game to see if it will make a difference?

Would these issues persist if real ads were being shown?

I think this would have to talk to the developers of Gdevelop, in the past the ads if they overlapped in the game, but only resize the game, I think you should avoid using a banner in a horizontal game, it is more recommended in a vertical game

Yeah, I asked around on the discord and on the admob reddit, got all the info I needed. Gonna go with interstitial ads.