Battle Royale storms

How do I make a storm like in battle Royale games? It’s a topdown 2d. The problem is having a different color outside of the circle. And having the inside the same color as always. So far. I have an idea that would probably take up alot of instances that I would like to avoid. But I understand if it’s not possible.

Can’t you use transparency so that objects are visible in the storm but their color is changed by the storm displayed above?

That would change the entire object. Thanks for the response tho

I didn’t understand what you meant.

Just imagine in some battle Royale games. There’s a storm. When you enter it. You get hurt. Also the colors inside the storm are different from outside, like it’s red in the storm. But outside it’s normal

Yes, I thought I understood that, but I didn’t understand why my solution didn’t work for you.

I see, if the object was over the entire area it would just cover the entire screen. Unless there’s away to make an object opacity different at specific areas of it.

Oh right, I see the problem!
It’s true that I hadn’t thought of it, in my head I saw the storm sprite with a hole directly for the inside of the area, but it’s true that it would be a pain to manage a sprite like that.
I don’t know if it’s possible to set a different opacity for different parts of an object, I’m not experienced enough, sorry.

Yeah np. I’m sure other people will know

Can you post a picture of the look you’re going for? I tried googling it but I’m not sure if it was what you wanted.

I’m sure you can use a mix of a shape painter, the object masking extension, opacity and/or changing the sprite blend mode. There might also be an effect that could help. IDK. I think we need more details first.

If you look up videos of surviv . Io, you would see the circle “the red zone” that closes in the map. And that’s how I want it to be

Can you link to the example video, and provide a timestamp of when to look, rather than expect us to go searching for what you’re after?

Provide a screen shot of what you are hoping to achieve, clearly indicating what it is and how it differs from normal mode.

Battle Royale game - YouTube I made this to make it easier to show what i mean. So you see the closing in circle. easy part, but i want there to be a color over all the objects outside the circle, without making multiple large objects. Heres a Example art to even further clarify,

If that circle (or the storm image) is a sprite, play around with the blending mode as @Keith_1357 suggested. One like multiply or additive spring to mind.

Not sure how that would work

It may not be the most practical way, but it could be solved using a large sprite with a square of the color of the storm and in the center a large circle without color that works as the central part outside the storm (the playing area). You can make that sprite get smaller progressively (making the playing area smaller). You should play with the scales and size of the storm sprite. The storm sprite should be in a higher z order than the other objects.
Note that the storm sprite must have an opacity less than 255 so that the other objects inside the storm can be seen.
It’s an option… haha

it would have to be a really large sprite to work. probably way larger than 10k pixels. that would make the game like 10 GB lol

The problem is the center needs to be normal. Would that cause the center to be normal? My original idea was use masking but can’t seem to make inverted masks.

The example "marching squares: platform painter uses an extension that allows you to mask/erase parts of a sprite. If that works efficiently. I think that might be the best way.

I also thought about the shape painter. You can draw a square but I don’t think you can erase it to make a transparent hole. You should be able to draw it in parts.

The sprite can be stretched or if you use a tiled sprite then tiled. It would also only need to be the size of the screen.

it would take alot of work to make that work. its gonna be a big island