Build works on computer fails on android

Hello, fellow devs. So my game works well in PC preview, but when I export it to android, it does not work properly. I have a button to take the player from game scene to menu scene but when I press it, the menu scene appears momentarily then returns to the game scene instead of switching. I have already tried what related posts suggest eg remove unused images or ones with invalid paths, but it still hangs. Please help.

Hello, I don’t know whether you have solved it already or not by now but don’t make the buttons on different scene located on the same spot. For example, if you put a “Menu” button while in a stage of a game, make sure that that button don’t actually positioned on the same spot with the “Menu” scene.

I also encountered this issue before, you may look up how I solved it [Solved] "Change to Scene" bug on mobile

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Thank you so much for this let me try it out.

Actually, you need to disable moving the cursor in the other scenes using the (move cursor when touching the screen:0) event.

In my case, I can’t seem to go back to the menu by clicking a “Start” button I put on the stage without disabling multitouch (by enabling “Move mouse cursor when touching screen”).

Multitouch needed to be able to touch multiple buttons, but it’s glitched when it’s activated while I attempted to go back to the “Start” scene. So that’s why I had to disable it on the condition if it touched the button to go back to the “Start” scene.

Oh, I see. The solution you provided above is fine, it will work because it seems you touch two buttons in different scenes at ones. But you can also try disabling multitouch sometimes and activating it later, even in the same scene…