Camera zoom as condition

This was mentioned in a post from 2014. Need to use cam zoom as condition - #3 by erdo

The only way to use camera zoom as a condition seems to be to save the zoom to a variable and then reference the variable in the condition.

There is a condition for camera angle, so can there be one for camera zoom too?

While I wouldn’t mind something that simplifies the answer to this, there is an answer:

Add the compare two numbers condition to an event.
On one side, put the Zoom you’re looking for, on the other side, use the CameraZoom(LayerNameHere,0) expression.

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Actually i instead of save camera zoom to variable i set camera zoom as variable (unless that is exact same thing)

And now i am free to use that variable in whatever way i want
Even as condition to limit camera zoom for example not to go too far or to close
or at some zoom level show something on screen
Not to mention printing zoom level to text object to have indication at what zoom level you currently are
I know it is hard to see but i am zooming in and out here

On top of that even if camera zoom exist as condition i would still go for variable because i automatically gain ability to save/load it

And since for proper positioning stuff on different layers you need to have exact same zoom level on them
I simply slap same variable to each camera layer and they all have same zoom level
Without me needing to check other camera zoom for other layer if i change it on one layer


That’s really good, I’m using it now. Thank you.

I’m using the pinch gesture extension for touchscreen for zooming so I think my way, with Silver-Streak’s simplification is what I need. Yes, we are doing it a different way in regard to variables. I’ll keep your way in mind for future reference.

Also, ZeroX4, you can use an extension called Copy camera settings by VictrisGames if you need camera settings on multiple layers like I have done in the last three actions of the screenshot.


That copy camera looks useful
But imagine i have camera on base layer
I need exact same settings for camera on UI layer
I simply click on my action with camera for base layer hit ctrl+c to copy it then paste it below and all i need to do is change layer
Instead of looking for specific action to do so
Also i still can copy paste that action and just give it different variable if i need it for whatever reason

So in my eyes variable is better option to give you more flexibility

But regardless you should always use what feels easier for you not what other believe is better