Can I duplicate animation frame and change it without changing the origninal?

I can’t imagine this is how it is supposed to be, but when I bring in the same png from my main animation, and alter it in piskel, it also alters the original. Surely we must be able to alter a copy without changing the original.

What am I doing wrong? This is driving me nuts.

When you duplicate a frame, the image is still pointing to the original source file. By changing the duplicated frame image, you are altering the source file. If the two frames share the same source file, then they’ll both be changed.

The only way I can see around that it to make a copy of the original file, and use that image copy in the duplicated frame

(aside - I don’t understand the point of the duplicate selected frames option - it just copies it into the same animation. But for what purpose?)

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I want to just alter some elements of the first drawing, but not all of it. So it would save me having to draw the whole thing from scratch.

For instance, if I want to change facial expressions, but not the whole character. I would load up the original, but then just redraw the face.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. You would think the two frames would have different source images, because otherwise what’s the point of duplicating?

Unfortunately for now you’ll have to make copies of the image. Unless Piksel has a Save As option - I’m not sure because I don’t use it, but someone else may know.

If it doesn’t, maybe raise it as a bug or feature, and ask for the duplicate frame functionality to also duplicate the source image.

Exactly. It doesn’t have a “save as” feature. Really thought it would. Everything else I’ve used does. :frowning:

Thanks for trying to help

I’ll raise it as a bug, and see where it gets to :slight_smile:

Raised as a bug in this post.

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Thank you!

How do I report bugs? (I’m new to Gdevelop)

Would it be considered a bug that I have to right click to copy and paste. (The universal keyboard shortcuts don’t work)
Or that I have to undo using the button on screen since the universal keyboard shortcut doesn’t work?

I do it by creating a new topic, and setting the category to Bug Reports.

I see that more as a feature request. (and a hassle) :slight_smile:

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It does have. On the right hand side select Export and then select the PNG tab and then under Spritesheet file export click Download:

The reason for this is because Piskel was originally an art tool to run in the web browser. Guess would be nice to have a save as button somewhere more visible place.

You will have a duplicate if you change the animation name and edit and it will not change the original file’s content. The original file’s name is idle(1).png here
but changing the animation name to mmm and editing it

It will not overwrite the original file but instead if you save it, it will create a new file.

It’s a round-about way of implementing the “Save As” option, and still doesn’t save to the animation frame. It offers the option to download a file and starts in the downloads directory, which isn’t even close to the assets directory.

This doesn’t help with a duplicate animation frame.

I mentioned it in MrMen’s bug thread, but you can accomodate this by duplicating the frame in Piskel.


Hitting the Duplicate this frame button (lower right when hovering over a frame in Piskel), will save the new frame as animationnamehere-0.png when you hit save. It’ll edit the new frame only, not the original. You can make changes to this frame as needed before hitting save, as well.


THANK YOU!!! You just saved me a whole world of pain. haha

I never hovered over the frame so I had not seen that option. Whew!