Can't move scene editor elements around

I have problem trying to move scene editor elements like not a problem but i simply can’t
Other user have same issue
So either there is some key needed now to be held for it to move or it is a bug
Post where i ask how to move in case something changed since last time i was able to move them


try to restart the app

You wanna say it works perfectly fine for you?

Same here, perhaps you’ve already seen this Commit (the second one - “Fix broken editor panels drag’n’drop”): Comparing v5.3.194...master · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

So probably it will be ok soon.


This tells me it is not only me related problem so i can wait for fix


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I mean to say I run into this issue all the time and the way I have found to effectively address the problem is to restart the app.

Solved nothing to me
I even go as far as removing crap from app data folder and making clean install