Capture button presses on a Fire Tv remote


I made a simple platform game, and I installed the apk on a Fire Tv Stick.

The Fire Tv remote has a directional pad with up, down, left, right, and a center button.

And below that, 3 buttons that should be testable: Rew, Play, and FF

The directional keys are mapped properly and work.

The center button should just be Enter or keycode 13, but when I check for “Return” pressed, it doesn’t work.

The 3 other buttons are identified by as:

227 MediaRewind
179 MediaPlayPause
228 MediaFastForward

How can I check if these buttons are pressed?



After more testing, I’ve found that checking for “NumpadReturn” works for the Center button.

I really only need the MediaPlayPause for a pause button.

Perhaps a little snippet of Javascript could work?

It seems that something like this might work,

document.addEventListener("keyup", function(event) {
    if (event.keyCode === 179) {

But, I don’t know how to implement that in Gdevelop.

Any help, or even a poke in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.