Javascript Code to Pause And Start New Scene?

Still working on my previous problem.

I think I’ve figured out how to capture the button presses from the Fire tv remote, I found this in the examples.

const LEFTKEY = 37;
const RIGHTKEY = 39;
if (runtimeScene.getGame().getInputManager().isKeyPressed(LEFTKEY)) {
} else if (runtimeScene.getGame().getInputManager().isKeyPressed(RIGHTKEY)) {

If I turn it into something like this:

const PAUSEKEY = 179;
const FFKEY = 228;
if (runtimeScene.getGame().getInputManager().isKeyPressed(PAUSEKEY)) {
} else if (runtimeScene.getGame().getInputManager().isKeyPressed(FFKEY)) {

It should work, I just need to figure out the rest of the If/Then. I would like to invoke “Pause And Start New Scene” with one button, and SimulateJumpKey with the other.

I normally would figure something like this out by trial and error, but with only 2 apk builds per day, It’s difficult.

If anyone knows, or could point me toward a resource I could learn from, that would be awesome.