Card Game App GÖRTAN / Alpha is coming up soon

I am working on a Card Game. The Decision to make it an App was a little late, so i had to redo most of the design, some logic/layout and still have to redo the Deckbuilder.
Which i had to do anyway cause of the corrupted save file.
But that being said, i have the game in a testplayable stage (Local PVP Hotseat). A Duel mode vs AI and online PtP is in the planning.

The Game is inspired by Duel of Champions.

Build V0.06 coming in the near future.

On phone the FPS are solid around 30 on a Samsung galaxy J5.


What there is Already:
33 Cards so far, 2 Factions, 4 Spells from different Spell Schools.

Creature Types:
Your Typical hand to hand Combat Guy, played in the Frontrow and receives Retaliation from Combat, if the Enemy Survives. Can only attack whats in front of it.

The Ranged guy, is played in the Backrow and receives not Retaliation by Combat, while also does not retaliate itself. Can attack Front and Backrow.

Can be placed anywhere on you side of the Field. It usually receives retaliation dmg, but can also Fly over enemy Melee units to attack the back, and even the enemy Hero, if there is no Shooting or Flying unit blocking its way.

Similar to the Shooter, but this guy can also be placed in the Frontrow, and deals magic dmg.


Yep, where this guy comes from, there more. Play a Swarm Creature and you get a Copy of another from your Deck, if you have one. Very Useful, Since there is not automatic Draw at the start of the turn, and drawing uses up your Heroaction,which is also your recourse.

Charges right thru the Frontline into the Backrow. If there is a creature in the Frontrow, it will Battle it first, and when it survives, the combat with the Backrow begins.

Attack Any:
Cards with this super handy Ability can attack anywhere on the field, and do not need to be placed in the same Row in order to attack. Even the Hero is not Save!

You dont see me, you dont shoot me with that Firebolt. Cards with this ability cannot be targeted with anything other then Combat.

Magic Resist:
Magical dmg, like spells and Magic attacks deal half dmg to it, rounded down.

Physical Resist:
Physical dmg, like non-magic attacks deal half dmg to it, rounded down.


6 Different Spellschools, based on the elements
There will be a a Faction for each Element.

Centered around the Fireschool is the Demon Faction

For the Water Faction is planned to have a Nordic Tribe Faction,
ala alt Germanic/Vikings/GoT Wildlings

The Windfactions are the Garudas, half human, half birds.
Not all of them will be able to fly.
The Earth Faction, living under the Earth or in the Dessert and Mountains are the Orcs,
as strong/wild/brutal as ever.

The Death Faction are of cause, the Undead,
the Moonlight Walker.

Last but certainly not least are the Sylvians,
Elves, Fairys, Animals, Tree kin, Ents, Fighting for Life.

a neutral human faction is likely to show up at some point too, ala roman empire.

Plans for the next update:
The Deck Builder!
More bugfixing, ~ done, no more known bugs
Particle Effects instead of Animations for spells. ~Done
Redesign the sound for magic stat increase, and a sound for mage unit attacks (same soundeffect as shooter atm). ~ done
Also improve the sound of Firebolt. ~ done
hopefully a Theme song for the Undead Faction (The music atm belongs to the Sylvian Faction), ~ done (sort of/ not too happy with the result)
Ability and Type icons for the cards. ~ done
Eventually text overlay when a card is inspected. ~ done
Hero Ability, other than draw and increase stats.
Spells that kill creatures (2, 1 at the end of turn, and 1 instant kill). ~1 card done
AOE dmg spells. ~ 3 cards so far
Deckcounters (displaying how many cards in the deck is left), and also deactivate Glow of decks, when 0 cards in it (that seems to confuse alot of people). ~ done

You want to have some specific card effects?
Leave a suggestion, and i might inplement it!


It looks really good

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Indeed, it looks cool.

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Thanks guys. Pre alpha is now up and running :blush:
I upload the tech demo tomorrow and hope for some feedback

Nice where we can play it?

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Ill share the download link to the apk :slight_smile:

Card Game App
I already found some bugs but it works well enough to see, how it is played.

For Now i disabled the spell and armory decks. they work, but i dont have any cards that do anything yet.
Also no text yet, but that is on purpose. Idealy, the game can be played without beeing able to read.

If the duel is over it will restart automaticly after 10 seconds

I fail to get it to work on tablet. If anyone here could confirm it works on a tablet, please let me know.

I’ve had a hard time understanding how it works, but once I get it I enjoy it.
I insist: it looks really cool.
Some animations, camera zooms and transitions could improve its overall feeling.

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already alot done. added more cards, 2 working spells, sounds, animations and more.
another update will come soon :smiley:

aargh, my head is about to explode. Intense focus for 10h staight can be draining, but it was already worth it! looks awesome now!
Creatures now take turn, attacking/counter attacking, with neat animation and sound.
Sadly this is also the return of the bugs. i know exactly what they are doing, but cant find them :triumph:
I played alot with the camera, but in the end, i decided on a stable board, so everything is visable at all times (best for keeping an overwiev and performance saving), and added another middlebotton to combat the fatfingersyndrom.
Menus are also included. The deckbuilder still has to wait till after the next release (still have to wrap my head around a deckbuilder suitable for phones and i still do not have a clear vision of how to implement search filters).
If i can get rid of the bugs, the next update gonna be good :muscle:

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the “Charge” abillity (attack both front and backrow, if it is surviving the combat with the front row) is finally working. took me 2 days and was alot more complex then i thought it would be.

Slash, the link is dead! Can you repost it?


have a couple of days more patience, the next version is comming up and is sooooooo much better and close to be bugfree.

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lucky me, i think i got rid of a gamebreaking bug by sheer luck, that i was hunting since the very beginning, without success.
But because i am working on an effect, that checks all places in 1 Row i found out that i had 2 Place-Slots double (hidden under it a second copy), that must have happend while i did the copys for the other side.
I have to do alot of playtesting, but i have hope that there is no gamebreaking bug left! but still some minor ones (cosmetic), i also cannot get rid of.

It’s true that making the game is not the only task to do. You must spend some long times to test the game to find and correct the existent bugs if any.

true. And when thats done the next big step in trying to balance the cards/Factions.

This step is called optimization.

so, the build in on my phone and i will play the shit out of it tonight.
Depends on what i find, and how hard it will be to fix, i should upload the next version Tomorrow!

SO, The Startpost is Updated with the Link to newest Version! (I used the Link that i get after building the apk, idk if this link works for others and how long its going to stay).
Sadly i still have gamebreaking bugs in there, while also added some new one, by adding magic attack animations :confused:
I am restructuring my selection system, cause that must be the reason for it.
But its playable and alot more enjoyable then the first version.
In the Deckbuilder is a selection of 4 preconstucted decks, that player 1 and 2 can choose from.

Hi Slash!

I’ll test your game soon on my Android phone.
Then i’ll give you after my impressions and what i think of your version 0.047.

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